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Once complete forms can be submitted to the Engineering & Building Department in the following methods:
  • Deliver in person to the Engineering & Building Department at 35 S. Paint Street Chillicothe, Ohio 45601.
  • Submit through the portal below.
  • Email to: Engineering@ChillicotheOH.gov.
**Please Note: Forms must be physically signed IF a signature is required.**

Submit Forms here:






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The Document Center provides easy access to public documents. Click on one of the categories below to see related documents or use the search function.

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Board of Zoning Appeals Variance Application1 document

  • 2022 BOZA Application.pdf
    document Header 2022 BOZA Application.pdf

Conditional Use Procedure1 document

  • 2022 Procedure for Condition Use.pdf
    document Header 2022 Procedure for Condition Use.pdf

Contractor Registration Application2 documents

  • 2022 Application for Contractor Registration.pdf
    document Header 2022 Application for Contractor Registration.pdf
  • Ordinance Chapter 1310.html
    document Header Ordinance Chapter 1310.html

Curb Cut Application1 document

  • Curb Cut Application
    document Header Curb Cut Application

Demolition Application2 documents

  • 2022 Demolition Application.pdf
    document Header 2022 Demolition Application.pdf
  • Ordinance Chapter 1311-04.html
    document Header Ordinance Chapter 1311-04.html

Design Review Board Application2 documents

  • 2023 DRB Application and Guidelines.pdf
    document Header 2023 DRB Application and Guidelines.pdf
  • Ordinance Chapter 1167
    document Header Ordinance Chapter 1167

Home Occupation Application2 documents

  • 2022 Home Occupation Application.pdf
    document Header 2022 Home Occupation Application.pdf
  • Ordinance Chapter 1173-02 .html
    document Header Ordinance Chapter 1173-02 .html

Links3 documents

  • City of Chillicothe Codified Ordinances
    document Header City of Chillicothe Codified Ordinances
  • Commercial Building Permit
    document Header Commercial Building Permit
  • Ohio Building Codes
    document Header Ohio Building Codes

Planning Commission Application1 document

  • 2022 Planning Commission Application
    document Header 2022 Planning Commission Application

Request for Qualifications2 documents

Residential Building Permit Application1 document

  • 2022 Residential Bldg Permit Application.pdf
    document Header 2022 Residential Bldg Permit Application.pdf

Residential Building Regulations1 document

  • 2022 Residential Building Regulations.pdf
    document Header 2022 Residential Building Regulations.pdf

Sign Permits1 document

  • 2022 Sign Permit Checklist.pdf
    document Header 2022 Sign Permit Checklist.pdf

Storm Water Information3 documents

  • 2022 Final storm Checklist.pdf
    document Header 2022 Final storm Checklist.pdf

Permit1 document

  • 2020 Storm Water Permit.pdf
    document Header 2020 Storm Water Permit.pdf

Regulations1 document

  • Stormwater Regulations.pdf
    document Header Stormwater Regulations.pdf

Zoning Amendment Procedure1 document

  • 2022 Zoning Amendment Procedure.pdf
    document Header 2022 Zoning Amendment Procedure.pdf

Zoning Certificate Application1 document

  • Zoning Certificate Application.pdf
    document Header Zoning Certificate Application.pdf

Utility Tap Application1 document

  • Utility Tap Application.pdf
    document Header Utility Tap Application.pdf
35 S. Paint St. Chillicothe, OH 45601


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