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How to Ride

Click here for rider conduct expectations.

Planning Your Route
Chillicothe Transit System (CTS) has fixed routes, county service, and On-Demand Service.  All routes begin and end at CTS located at 575 E. 7th St.  We are currently fare free.  Click here for route maps and times and download the Ride Pingo app for real time bus tracking. If you need assistance planning your route or are interested in receiving travel training, please call Ross County Mobility Manager, Traci Harris, at 740-779-9652.

Boarding The Bus
Once you have decided your route you will wait at a designated bus stop.  When the bus stops, the driver will open the door for you.  Enter through the front door and find an empty seat.  Bus etiquette is to leave the front for seniors or persons with disabilities.  If you are in a manual or electric wheelchair, the driver will exit the bus, lower the lift for you, and then safely secure your wheelchair using straps. 

Signaling Your Stop
When you are almost to your destination, signal the driver that your stop is approaching by pulling the cord that runs under the bus windows.  After the bus stops carefully exit the bus through the front door.  If you are in a wheelchair, wait for the driver to undo the straps and lower you down on the lift. 

Riding with A Bicycle
Thanks to a partnership with the Ross County Health District’s Mobility Management Program, CTS buses have bike racks installed allowing for ease in using alternative transportation. Watch this short video for a detailed ‘how-to’ on use of the bike racks.

If you have questions at any point before, during, or after your trip please ask for information from any of our drivers or dispatch.  CTS staff is here to help and want you to have the best experience possible.  Our phone number is 740-773-1569.
35 S. Paint St. Chillicothe, OH 45601


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