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Transit Department


Lakes and Lattes (online publication)
Tecumseh and More: Ten Reasons to Put Chillicothe, Ohio on your list!

Chillicothe Gazette (publish date 4/29/2023)
Regional Transportation Issues Discussed at Workshop

Chillicothe Gazette (publish date 1/31/2023)
Book Bench Installed at Main Library

Chillicothe Gazette (publish date 1/5/2023)
The Success Stories of Chillicothe's On-Demand Transit

Chillicothe Gazette (publish date 12/9/2022)
Chillicothe's Christmas Light Tour Fills Up Over 500 Spots

Chillicothe Gazette (publish date 6/13/2022)
Trackless Trolley Hits the Streets of Chillicothe

Litter Media (publish date 6/10/2022)
Trolley Debut

Litter Media (publish date 6/9/2022)
Trolley Interview

Litter Media (publish date 6/8/2022)
Transit New Services Interview

Chillicothe Gazette (publish date 2/6/2022)
Transit Department Provides On-Demand Rides, Trackless Trolley Coming Soon

Chillicothe’s ride to the future | Centre For Public Impact (CPI)
35 S. Paint St. Chillicothe, OH 45601


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