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Ross County Land Bank Properties Available for Purchase

The Ross County Land Reutilization Corporation (“Land Bank”) is excited to announce the availability of several properties for sale. In 2016, the Land Bank was established and received a Neighborhood Initiative Program grant to acquire and demolish vacant and blighted properties. The properties for sale are all vacant and greened lots.

As part of its primary mission, the Ross County Land Reutilization Corporation (“Land Bank”) will dispose of properties in a manner which will improve the quality of neighborhoods, increase land values, create diverse housing opportunities, and return properties to the tax rolls.

Anyone wishing to purchase property from the Land Bank must submit a completed and signed Purchaser Qualification Form, Property Request Form, and written purchase proposal. These forms can be found by visiting the Land Bank page at https://www.chillicothe.com/departments/land_bank.php. Forms and proposals can then be emailed to asti.powell@chillicotheoh.gov or dropped off at 35 S. Paint Street, 3rd Floor. The Land Bank Board reserves the right to consider the highest AND best offer based on the proposed use that best fit the goals of the Land Bank.

All properties will be listed for a minimum of 21 days.


Parcel Number

List Price

439 E. Second Street



517-519 E. Main Street



700 Washington Avenue



52 Western Avenue

305132002000, 305132003000, 305132004000


751 Madison Avenue



101 Prospect Street



299 E. Fourth Street



369 Neal Avenue



388 E. Second Street



623 Glencroft Avenue



342 E. Main Street




35 S. Paint St. Chillicothe, OH 45601


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