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Street Sign Replacement Project

Street Signs serve an important function within the City of Chillicothe. They provide wayfinding and influence the behavior of drivers while also enhancing road safety. They serve as warnings and help regulate the flow of traffic for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. Well maintained street signs improve the overall safety and flow of neighborhood traffic.

The Sign Replacement Project encourages residents to notify city staff of signs within their ward that are damaged, vandalized, worn out, or inaccurate and need replaced. The priority for this project is to replace existing necessary signage in a thoughtful and organized way around our city while also creating an inventory for continued future replacements as funds become available.

Residents are encouraged to use “Chillicothe Fix It!”, a free app offered by the city, to notify city staff of replacement sign locations. This app allows residents to submit non-emergent requests, such as nuisances like potholes and street light malfunctions, and receive notice when their request is completed. Download for FREE on iPhone and Android devices!

Have more questions? Please call 740-773-9708 or email Planning@chillicotheoh.gov.
35 S. Paint St. Chillicothe, OH 45601


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